"Clitacular Event"

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 09:44
Submitted by Betty Dodson

The woman who invited me to speak at BARD College was Nina who had a delightful English accent when we finally met (pictured left). And she is smart and gorgeous to boot.  Below is some student feedback - I'm still tingling:

Feedback from Bard friends:

Sophomore boy: "I nearly didn't go coz I was kinda embarrassed (lame I knowwwww) but I'm so glad I went in the end. Best decision ever made! I've had a smile on my face ever since and a crazy wave of confidence I hope sticks around! Must be Betty's work. Thanks for organizing this : )"

freshman girl:
“Oh my goodness! Incredible! Just another thank you for organizing Betty's talk. It was a riot.”

junior girl:
“Clitacular event ♥”

junior girl:
“Everyone was so relieved to talk freely without shame! We always think of ourselves as a shame-free generation. Not the case at all!!! which is such a rude awakening. Thank Betty. Tell her she’s changed us for the BETTER!”

senior boy:
“Why doesn’t Betty run Bard?”

junior girl:
“I feel 4th wave feminism coming on! Lets ride that wave baby!”

junior boy:
“Can you tell Betty and Carlin the air felt lighter after they came to Bard. We deal with so much academic beating round the bush bullshit. Her directness was a breath of fresh air like I’ve never experienced from a guest speaker. Thanks for introducing us to her. I really do feel a change around campus today. THAT NEVER HAPPENS AFTER LECTURES!!! THIS WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!”

sophomore girl:
“I felt like crying/laughing/coming all at once, apparently the mark of a successful event”

junior girl:
“Here’s to Betty for making one of the supposedly most liberal colleges in America actually FEEL liberated. Loved every bit of it (even her shouting at the AV guy...)!”

freshman girl:

senior girl:
"thank you so much for bringing the majestic Betty to Bard! She's an amazing woman and I'm so grateful I got the chance to hear her speak. I might be in love..."

It was so satisfying that Carlin and I will travel to near-by Colleges and University’s available by train.  We're thinking about putting together a lecture series for the Fall...if you're interested in having us visit your college/school/university send us an email: admin@dodsonandross.com.

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