I Only Desire Older Women

Tue, 02/12/2013 - 10:40
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I am a 25 y.o. man who likes women over 50. Until now I have never been able to approach a woman of that age group. I believe that the fantasy came because of several attractive teachers I had in this age group, especially when I came to fetichize grey hair.

I do not know where and how to find them, and also sex with most normal women leaves me wanting and often I am thinking of their moms while fucking them. I am confused whether I should try to rid myself of these desires or try to find such women.

Dear J,

While I realize that 25 is still quite young, I would not consider a woman of 50 to be "very old". On the contrary, a better term would be middle-aged. I enjoyed an ongoing love/sex affair with a man nearly 40 years younger. Older/younger sex partners is very acceptable when the man is older and the woman is much younger. However, the reverse is often found "disgusting" or "shameful" thanks to an extension of our sexual double standard. As you know, I love to challenge social rules especially those that discriminate against women!

Unfortunately we live in a society that is extremely youth oriented and ignores women who have gay hair. That's one of the reasons so few women allow that to happen so we turn blonde or color our hair. I believe dating an older woman is one of the best ways to learn about female sexuality given she is able to communicate her sexual desires. Perhaps if you approached your interest in middle-aged women with that in mind, it might make it easier for you to express yourself.

Even with age appropriate girls, it's difficult for most young men to know how to start a conversation or make contact. Our cell phones aren't making it easier to connect with others unless you can function on a dating site. Before you can decide whether to get help to overcome these desires, I think you should follow through first. How to do that is going to be up to you and your ability to be brave and creative.
Good luck.

Dr. Betty

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Older women

Tue, 02/12/2013 - 20:45

When I was in college I found many women in, say, their forties very attractive. I did some mutual flirting but it never went any further. If it had, though, I would have been happy that a mature woman had found me worthy of her interest. I'm sure I'd have learned more about real female sexuality a lot sooner, too.

Personally, I'd leave the door open to relationships with women of any age. Age needn't be a barrier, but I do think it's better if it isn't someone's main criterion in seeking a partner. If you do have a relationship with an older woman and find it fulfilling, you might find in the end that her personality and character are what you were really drawn to, not her birth date. There's no reason to try to rid yourself of your attraction to older women (there's nothing shameful about it), but liking only older women limits you. Why not realize that there are terrific women of all ages and learn to appreciate them all?