The Next Leg of My Journey Will be Teaching Teachers

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 14:11
Submitted by Betty Dodson

This year I was wise and stayed home instead of going out to greet the New Year at a party. Carlin and I had an early dinner at Les Halles our local French Bistro enjoying herb crusted rack of lamb. Delicious!

We shared a bottle of red wine with dinner followed by perks of tawny port and finally a glass of champagne. We always goof around with the Darling wait staff there, mostly handsome young men so it’s like an extended family when we show up.

After dinner as I turned the corner in front of my building, I looked up as usual to view my Art Deco Mountain— the Empire State building. I’ve been doing this for the past 50 years that I’ve lived in this apartment. Last night, the summit was different from any other time in the past. It went from an ominous gray into a funeral black that looked ugly, when suddenly, the top lit up with brilliant flickering pinks, aqua, teal blues and bright fuchsias— all happy colors in motion that were constantly changing as they moved up and down as if tickled by moonlight.

For me it meant the dark days of the recent past were changing into a new age of a more enlightened society symbolized by OWS and my other favorite political group, Anonymous. These young people are carrying on the tradition of rebellion that I lived through in the sixties into the seventies. Except this time they have smart phones and laptops. In the past, we had rock music, pot and sexual freedom for communication. Once the Internet appeared, some of us old Hippy Revolutionaries just kept on telling the truth with this new uncensored medium.

One of the perks of aging in terms of knowledge is that I’m now at the top of my game. Anyone in most creative fields gets better with age as long as we stay abreast of the times. When it comes to sex, I’m often ahead of the times. Add to that the fact that I’ve been answering sex questions from my old and new website for more than ten years. I can tell you people are floundering from the lack of sex information and education.

Both men and women desperately need information to guide then on how to manifest mutual pleasures that includes authentic female orgasms. The Internet offers complete anonymity so people can ask any embarrassing question imaginable. This is far superior to some research project that is already bound by academia’s avoidance of rocking the boat for fear of losing funding.

It appears the next leg of my journey will be teaching teachers to carry on my basic approach to helping people learn how to enjoy bodily pleasures with joyful orgasms. I don’t want to be the rare old lady who adores the combination of vaginal penetration with my vibrator entertaining my clitoris. As long as I maintain my bio-identical plant based hormone cream and use plenty of organic almond oil for lube, fucking my black obsidian hand carved dildo is always a joy. The volcanic glass keeps me in touch with Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. I also represent the ancient goddess Baubo, the old hag who is bawdy with a dirty mouth and an orgasmic vulva. The same as Baubo, I too flash my ancient cunt which makes women laugh gleefully while many men cringe. What a delightful legacy Baubo offers us post menopausal women who remain sexual.

I continue to socialize with young people who are part of my immediate family that also consists of a few long term friends. My significant other is no longer a romantic lover but my business partner Carlin. My extended family is our website and followers as well as women from the Bodysex Workshops and my private practice. The first time I meet a client is when I open the front door and she’s standing there. I love that moment! Setting up a session takes place via email and occasionally a phone call. We spend the afternoon together as she learns to build her sexual energy through a series of steps I’ve developed.

Similar to a spotter in the gym, I guide her as she learns to coordinate breathing with pelvic rocking while she works her PC muscle against the stainless steel Barbell that been inserted. (The one pound weight holds it in place). This is followed by trying a series of different vibrators for clitoral stimulation; a process that can take up to two or more hours. Her session is the longest length of time she has ever spent building up sexual arousal until her entire sex organ is fully engorged— her first female erection. Once this happens, she often experiences an orgasm followed by an orgy of self-loving with many more orgasms until she gets tired and stops.

My group and private teaching process is a form of “Instant intimacy” which is my favorite dynamic since the sixties. Back then sex in a group offered the same orgasmic pleasures without complicated relationships, agreements and no fear of spreading disease. I’d like to see more people experience this same sexual dynamic instead of Face Book where thumbs are tapping out silly comments that fly back and forth. Cell phones are like being attached to an electronic short leash that interferes with the present moment which I see as my point of power. Yet when it comes to meeting someone at a specific time and place, getting directions, searching an answer from Google or organizing a political rally, the advantages of having cell phones are spectacular. Then I ask, “How did we ever get along without them?”

I feel the same way about the Internet as I have unconditional love for this exchange of information NOT controlled by corporations or government.  Our web site is available 24/7 to the entire world and we’re in the cloud. So as long as we have Earth, D&R’s feminist sex information will continue to be available. Besides our website, my other true love this year was the appearance of OWS who changed the political dialogue. The 1% versus the 99% showed the disparaging financial distance between us and them. I also adore Anonymous, those kids wearing Guy Falk masks who are hackers and computer geniuses. As long as a handful of cyber geeks can bring down a big credit card website for blocking financial support to Julian Assange, I feel a sense of balance in this lopsided world. So far, any hope for real change rests with our youth who have smart phones and lap top computers. Some have college degrees but they can’t get a decent job. The beginning of the next American Revolution is taking shape.

This time www.dodsonandross will be there to help guide people through our long overdue Women’s Sexual Liberation that we began back in the sixties. We will finally stop using the male model of sexual arousal applied to women. No woman will believe there is something wrong with her when she can’t orgasm in the missionary position in a few minutes with the kind of stimulation men prefer— a penis inside a vagina. All those esoteric “spots” will be relegated to the dust bin and the clitoral body will take its rightful place. We will agree that in order for women to enjoy sex with a partner, it will be a combination orgasm: Clitoral Stimulation and Vaginal Penetration with men who have mastered “come control” and women who can stimulate their clitoris by hand or with a vibrator. For every pre-orgasmic woman there is a premature ejaculating man.

Finally D&R will establish the Betty Dodson Foundation that will house my art and all of D&R's teaching materials. First we will raise money to support our cause and then we can give money to other worthy causes that will further human health and sexual happiness. I’m excited by what I see coming up to create a far better orgasmic future for individuals and couples alike. What’s not to love about that?

Liberating women one orgasm at a time