Restoring My Foreskin to Make Sex Better For Her

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 07:55
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I am a 58 y.o. white guy. I was directed to your website, from a YouTube vid that one of my Brothers at had posted up. The subject was peni, cut vs. uncut.

The comment was made, that one of the things a cut man needs to be aware of is the degree of his roughness in fucking.

As I am sure you are aware, cut cocks lose sensitivity as a man ages. I have to go at her hard and fast to get off and then I usually don't. Fortunately for me, my wife likes it rough and hard, but then I wonder if she knows any different, as her ex was cut too.

She is 61 and loves sex. I wish I had it in me to give it to her more often than I do. I am hoping that as I continue to restore, that I will eventually get full flaccid, then full erect coverage, and perhaps gain back some of what was stolen from me as an infant.

Do you have any thoughts about foreskin restoration, or give me some direction/suggestions to follow that might enable me to orgasm more easily, rather than having to rough her up so much.

I can usually get off easier by masturbation, as the vagina just can't do what my fist can.

I am a new member and have really enjoyed what I have seen in your website so far. It is refreshing to know there are people, especially ladies, who can and will freely and graphically discuss that which is one of the most basic elements in humanity.

Too many live in ignorance and fear, and the enjoyment of life is diminished because of it.


Dear T,

While it's true that a circumcised penis needs more stimulation (as a rule), the hard fast fuck also relates to the style of masturbation a boy used growing up. One example is watching porn and jacking off rapidly with a death grip on their dicks to get off fast and avoid getting caught. One young friend humped a shag carpet with furious thrusting and had to retrain himself in order to come from vaginal penetration. Another circumcised boy I'd had intercourse with was extremely gentle with slow strokes that were delicious. He told me that his young girlfriends often preferred fast and hard! No accounting for taste.

It seems the time it takes to restore varies greatly. I suggest you Google "foreskin restoration" and start reading. There's a wealth of information available. Meanwhile, to ease up on your "hard fuck" you can circle the base of your penis with your thumb and finger to add some tightness during intercourse with your wife. Although you stated she likes it rough, she would at least have a choice if this works.

Welcome to D&R. We love it when our readers add comments so feel free to add yours at the end of any blog you like or disagree with it's content. I've wanted a guy who is restoring his foreskin to blog for us. So far no luck. So Let us know how you progress in this adventure.

Dr. Betty

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