How Do I Penetrate My Hymen?

Thu, 12/01/2011 - 10:05
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Yes I'm 21 yrs old and I want to break my hymen painlessly. I know how but I don't have a dildo I'm trying to do it with my finger. I'm able to insert my whole index finger inside me. When I pull out I see some watery blood on my finger. Did I break it or did I stretch it can u give me some tips on how to break it?

Dear J,

There is nothing to "break" when it comes to the over-stated hymen along with the concept of virginity. check out our post that explains all of this clearly:

To get accustomed to vaginal penetration, consider carving a zucchini or carrot to a comfortable size. This can be increased as your vaginal barrel gradually stretches. First get turned on by stimulating your clitoris. Then while continuing clit stim, gradually penetrate yourself using some kind of organic veggie oil (Coconut oil is good) on your dildo. Lubrication will ease penetration. Work your pelvic floor muscle by squeezing and releasing while breathing fully. When you feel any discomfort, stop. Rest a moment and then continue. Let me know how this worked out and share any suggestions that might help other young women.

Dr. Betty

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