The Very Latest on the G-Spot & Female Ejaculate

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 13:46
Submitted by Betty Dodson

First let me say this: I am so sick of answering questions on this topic when in my heart I believe it’s mostly crap! And no one has the guts to say it out loud. I clearly remember stating in one essay that the fact researchers didn’t know what women were squirting was the fly in female ejaculation.

Recently a man asked me what I thought the fluid consisted of and one more time, I Googled “female ejaculate” wondering if there was any new information. Lo and behold I discovered Cecil Adams, “The smartest man in the world.” Here’s what Cecil had to say.

“The problem you have discussing a topic like this is that people's responses generally break down as follows:

· 10 percent say the ejaculate is urine.

· 10 percent say it's something else.

· 80 percent stick their fingers in their ears and sing, "OH BEAUTIFUL FOR SPACIOUS SKIES, FOR AMBER WAVES OF GRAIN. . . . "

Well, too bad. This is a legitimate question, and I'm going to do my best to get to the bottom of it if I have to gross out everyone on the planet.

First let's agree on what we don't know. I don't want to get into the details either, but I too have personal knowledge of the fluid under discussion. I agree it's not a "lubricating secretion"--unlike the vaginal fluid produced during arousal, the ejaculate is watery and somewhat acrid to the taste. But I can't say definitely that it's not urine, at least in part, and unless you've got an unusually refined palate, Bill old buddy, you can't say it's not either without access to a lab. For years the standard explanation was that the stuff was urine squeezed out of the bladder or urethra during the state of heightened muscle tension that accompanies orgasm. But conventional wisdom has shifted over the past two decades, and most sex therapists now seem to think the discharge is more than plain old stress incontinence. Little research has been done, however, and none of it is conclusive.

One thing that distinguishes the fluid from urine is that it contains elevated levels of two proteins, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and prostate-specific acid phosphatase (PSAP). PSA and PSAP are found in male ejaculate and originate in the prostate gland. This leads some researchers to conclude that women must have something analogous to a prostate gland themselves. The emerging consensus, in fact, is that the paraurethral glands, which run more or less parallel to the urethra, are the "female prostate." Orgasm may cause these glands to empty out. Some think female ejaculate consists solely of discharge from the paraurethral glands, others that it's a mix of glandular secretions and urine, but I don't know of any firm evidence for either theory. I'm willing to believe it varies with the individual.

None of this would interest anyone but anatomists, however, were it not for the fact that for the past 20 years female ejaculate has been at the center of the controversy over the Grafenberg spot--the female pleasure center that some claim is a myth. Many G-spot proponents contend that the female prostate is the G-spot and that stimulating the G-spot triggers female ejaculation.

Both these propositions are questionable. According to Milan Zaviacic, a pathologist who has examined the female prostate on numerous occasions during autopsies, the gland is located at the site commonly believed to be the G-spot in just 10 percent of women. Even in cases where the female prostate and the G-spot coincide, no one has persuasively shown how that would account for the intense sensations associated with the G-spot--for example, that the female prostate is richly supplied with nerve endings. (The outer third of the vaginal canal does have plenty of nerve endings, but as far as we know they're not concentrated at a particular location.)

So, we can put the "G-spot = female prostate" theory to rest, right? Hold the phone. Zaviacic goes on to say that "the meatal type of the female prostate," found in 66 percent of women and located further down the urethra than the G-spot is supposed to be, "is a newly identified female erogenous zone important to coital female orgasm"--in short, he's still convinced the gland is sensitive to sexual stimulation, wherever it is. Zaviacic cowrote a paper on the subject with Richard Ablin, who discovered PSA, and Edward Eichel, a therapist who advocates the "coital alignment technique" (CAT), a variation on the missionary position that supposedly makes it easier for the woman to come.

(For details, see Eichel has described CAT as the "new intercourse," and says it works in part because it stimulates the female prostate. I venture to say many women would welcome any improvement on the dismal sexual technique of the average male. But we still don't have a convincing account of how the female prostate can produce sexual sensations--Zaviacic tells me he hasn't done any special investigation of the gland's innervation. Absent such research, a lot of the current claims sound like hype. I mean, really now--a new female erogenous zone? A revolution in sex? No disrespect, folks, but we've heard this before.”

— Cecil Adams

His website The straight dope is a winner. So is Cecil.

Glory Hallelujah I accept this man’s research completely. And by the way, that whole CAT the so-called “new intercourse” is just plain ole penis/in vagina fucking with no direct clitoral stimulation! C’mon guys, give it a rest! If you don’t want to include touching her clit at least encourage her to do it herself. Cecil, anytime you’re in NYC, I will wine and dine you to your hearts’ content at the restaurant of your choice.

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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The Zotti-is-Adams theory

Sun, 03/13/2011 - 12:58
Steven Otero (not verified)

Ed Zotti (born 1951) is credited as being the "editor and confidant" of Cecil Adams, the pseudonym of the writer of the nationally syndicated column The Straight Dope.
Many readers of Adams's column believe that Zotti is, in fact, Adams,
though the latter has (according to addenda in The Straight Dope books)
never been photographed and those in his employ are reticent on the

William Poundstone's 1983 book Big Secrets,
which exposed a variety of professional, trade, and entertainment
secrets, refers to Cecil as "some guy named Ed Zotti". The remark is
made only in passing, without any supporting evidence.[1]

Perhaps the strongest piece of evidence in support of the
Zotti-is-Adams theory is that Zotti himself penned a book in 1991
entitled Know It All! The marquee device used on the cover is
similar to the arched style used on the covers of the Straight Dope
books. The book answers a variety of questions, much as Adams's column
does, and the writing styles are very similar.

A February 1995 article in American Libraries was accompanied by a photo of an individual captioned “Cecil Adams”.[2] The September 1995 issue of Parenting magazine features a photograph of Ed Zotti holding an infant.[3] One author believes that the adult in each of the photos is clearly the same person.[4]

Zotti attended high school at Archbishop Quigley Preparatory Seminary,[5] where he served as editor of student newspapers.

Correction to Cecil Adams' piece on female ejaculation.

Sun, 03/13/2011 - 15:32
Rebecca Chalker, Ph.D. (not verified)

Adams said, "Zaviacic cowrote a paper on the subject with Richard Ablin, who discovered PSA, and Edward Eichel, a therapist who advocates the "coital alignment technique" (CAT), a variation on the missionary position that supposedly makes it easier for the woman to come."

Correction and note to Cecil Adams: This report makes it sound like Ed Eichel co-authored a paper with Milan Zaviacic, the Slovenian pathologist who has researched the female prostate intensively and officially named it as such.  Maybe it’s just a grammatical mistake by Adams.  However, Eichel is a fraud, and should not be mentioned in the same sentence with serious scholars like Zaviacic.

Ed Eichel is closely allied with right-wing ideologue Judith Reisman, identified in Wikipedia as “the founder of the modern anti-Kinsey movement.”  Reisman most notably initiated an aggressive attack on Kinsey’s work, seeking to brand him as a pedophile.  She also, hilariously, criticized Playboy for having “launched a global seduction of ‘tweens’ by stripping Mother [Marge]Simpson on its cover.”  Not so humorously, Reisman claims that “a homosexual movement in Germany gave rise to the Nazi party and the holocaust.” And Riesman and Eichel wonder why sexologists snub them at conferences!

Like right-wing sex advisors, Eichel is only interested in promoting better sex within marriage.   While I agree that any help for women bound to intercourse in marriage is welcome, Eichel says that his technique is the key to happiness in bed.  Pardon me? And it's not new.  He's been pushing this idea for a dozen or more years.  This is, of course, only tangentially related to Adams’ thoughtful discussion of female ejaculation, which still mystifies many.  For more info on female ejaculation, check out “Female Ejaculation:  Fact or Fantasy?” in my book The Clitoral Truth.

Female Ejaculation

1sweetsarah's picture
Mon, 03/28/2011 - 20:24

I'm a female that often ejaculates during sex/orgasm...and I can testify that it is NOT urine that comes out.  How do I know?  Because often, after having an amazing orgasm and squirting A LOT, my bladder will be full and I'll have to pee.

Female Ejaculation

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 11:19
unregistered user (not verified)

I'm a man in my late forties, and my girlfriend is of similar age. She often ejaculates during sex in the car, which she finds particularly erotic. When we have sex in other places she doesn't ejaculate during orgasm. Anyhow, what she ejaculates is definitely not urine, I know that simply because I've tasted it.

G spot orgasm

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 12:10
T (not verified)

Hi there
When i am having intercourse with my boyfriend,i feel like i need to pee, people say its a g spot orgasm. but now i reali want to have a g spot orgasm, but have no idea how to relax to let myself have 1.
Can you help me out as to how i can relax and this this g spot orgasm happen.
Thanx so much

def not urine

Wed, 11/30/2011 - 22:50
Anonymous777 (not verified)

im a girl. i've never squirted, at least i think (once when i was riding my man, who had a dick that was turned up slightly, i came and i was gushing liquid and i tried to stop it but i couldnt. at the time i didnt know women could squirt. even now i dont know if i squirted. it never happended again so idk.) but i have been with a girl who has squirted and i tasted it and it is not urine. there is a acidic component, but it doesnt smell or taste like pee. 

G-spot docmentary on CBC

MissusJamie's picture
Mon, 12/19/2011 - 16:53

Scientists and sexologists (if that's even a true term) have made many studies and created a television show on CBC that talks about the truth of G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation. The article has been analyzed here and there is also a link where you can watch the documentary online.

It's obviously not pee. I'm

Thu, 12/29/2011 - 12:12
BillyDubh (not verified)

It's obviously not pee.
I'm no biologist, but here's an empirical observation: male ejaculate varies in consistency, the key factor being time since the previous orgasm. If I haven't come for a few days, the next load out can be as thick as wallpaper paste - you could almost sculpt with it. Subsequent ejaculations, though, will become progressively more watery until by the time I'm on my fifth or sixth orgasm of the day what's coming out is a slightly sweet, colourless and almost transparent fluid with hardly any viscosity at all: in other words, something indistinguishable to the naked eye or tongue from girl-cum. But give me 12 to 24 hours to recover and we're back to the familiar salty milkshake.

What causes this variation? Simply that I'm ejaculating faster than my testes can replenish the overstock of semen I had earlier.

Conclusion: female ejaculate is the same as male ejaculate, minus the semen content. Why is this controversial?


Tue, 05/24/2016 - 09:56

I'm pretty sure what happens is because of arousal I have to wait a while before I can actually pee because when I try it's like I have a achy knot down below when I try. Do you gush because if you don't you have no idea what it's like when I hold it in I leak out during a session. It is pretty hard to control, and after a good go it feels like I'm just going and going it is actually satisfying to let it all go. It may make a mess, a pool of the stuff, but God it's awesome when you don't hold back. I love it and feel even more like a sexual being to have the ability because it is so popular. Conceited as the vain satisfaction is. I believe it's real because it can be uncontrolled and just feels like I won when I get to have a powerful release that makes my vision weird and makes me have such a high.