Can a Woman Have Too Many Orgasms?

Sat, 09/04/2010 - 11:45
Submitted by Betty Dodson

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. We both take care of ourselves as much as possible via Bowflex etc.

My question is about my wife and her double digit orgasms. She has approximately 30 to 60 orgasms in a two hour session of love making. These are clitoral (about 5), vaginal (about 40) and ejaculation from multiple sources. I am wondering if this is normal as her orgasms can last as long as thirty seconds and the number and intensity seem to increase and not decrease.
As a cardiac physiologist I am trained in both anatomy & physiology but this phenomenon is new to me and the longer we are married the more intense and the more frequent her orgasms become: is there a problem?

That said, I can rarely orgasm due to desensitization from Lumbar spine surgery and colon surgery. This does not bother me per se but her ability to have mega-orgasms leaves me wondering.

Lastly, her orgasms only stop when she is so tired she almost collapses from exhaustion. The woman is a machine and it is beginning to concern me.

Thank you for your time in relation to this inquiry.

Dear J,

As a sexologist with 40 years of clinical experience I have never had a client who presented this kind of pattern. If she has Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome or Disorder, PSAS or PSAD then she would most likely complain that she is never satisfied. The other possibility is that she is counting aftershocks of pleasure that follow a full orgasm. These autonomic chills and thrills continue as long as some form genital stimulation continues (most likely clitoral and for many women a vibrator).

Finally she could also be faking some of these orgasms to please an old dog like you. Either way, as long as she is not complaining about NEVER being satisfied, I'd just enjoy the ride. If it's beginning to feel like you are under some kind of pressure to "do her" get the Magic or Mystic Wand vibrator and let her knock herself out while you take a break. If it's PSAS, to date there's no solution. If that's the case, maybe this will be your next research project. I'd love to know what a learned man like yourself discovers. Please keep me in the loop.
Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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It happens

Sun, 09/05/2010 - 22:21
Saint Montgomery (not verified)


For nearly three years I have been having an affair with a woman who is now 55 and postmenopausal. We are lucky enough to get a few hours together here and there; I can say she always has at least ten orgasms and I am sure she has fifty sometimes. We have only counted twice. Once, two years ago, I had her make a mark on a notepad every time she came, and at the end of two hours there were twenty one marks on the paper. Recently I counted silently each orgasmic "event," where some events are probably several orgasms strung together but I counted them as one. I counted twenty six of these in an hour. Sometimes we get four hours together, and we do not maintain that pace but I am sure she passes fifty many times. Even parked along the road playing with each other she might come five to ten times in fifteen minutes.

Until our affair she says she typically had one O during sex, and that was the end of it, though she has had multiple orgasms a few times in her life. We don't know if she is like this because of menopause, if she always had the potential but never found a guy who knew what to do, or if it is something magical about us as a couple. She had approximately a hundred partners in high school and college, mostly one-night stands, and has had four or five long-term lovers. She has been married for thirty years.

When she masturbates she usually stops after one. Early in our affair she explained to me how her parts worked, as she had discovered through her own exploration, and that was my starting-point for learning about her. I diddle her with my fingers and go down on her for long stretches, and have found places that trigger orgasm on her that she never knew about, plus I use techniques that she never tried. She also comes easily through straight in-and-out intercourse, even without any real impact between my pubic bone and her clit (though that works, too). With her legs over my shoulders I'll drive into her like a freight train, deep and hard, hammering her clitoris and her "deep spot," and she will come nearly continuously until she can't take it any more. My penis is exactly average, maybe a little on the thick side but no one in my sixty years has ever commented on it one way or the other, and I have been with a couple hundred women myself (I am a guitar player, and had been faithfully married for 21 years). Also, she tends to be very wet when we are together, I have seen her literally leave a puddle on a picnic bench, even with blue jeans on, after we had been sitting and kissing and talking. Sometimes if she is wearing a skirt she puts a towel on her car seat so she does not stain the skirt when she comes to see me or when we go somewhere. She does not orgasm in random or unusual situations, like someone with PSAS, it is only in a sexual context, though she can come from rubbing her legs together when we are in the middle of an exciting situation in bed and at least once she came simply from the contagious excitement of my orgasm as she jacked me off (her legs may have rubbed together). She often ejaculates once to three times during a three-hour session, though not always.

It may be relevant that since the beginning we have pushed our sexual frontiers. She had a very vanilla background and was hesitant to try spanking, bondage, role-playing, fucking me with a strap-on, peeing on each other, tickling, anal sex -- even sucking her toes was a breakthrough! She calls me her "relentless beast" and resists nearly every new development, but has found she likes a lot of new things. We have a rule we call "goosey-gander," that I will not do anything to her that I would not let her do to me - and sometimes the reversal is even more fun! She has always enjoyed sex in semi-public places such as playgrounds, in the car, on my desk at work, in the woods, and we have had many adventures, but those are usually hurried and do not result in an astronomical number of O's. In our first couple of months together I was impotent and concentrated on manual and oral techniques with modest success, and when I suddenly was able to have intercourse with her (don't know what changed) she had three orgasms the first time. Over the next few months we learned how to move together, how to pace ourselves; she has also learned to do things to me with her mouth and hands that give me more pleasure than I ever dreamed of, and we often go three or four hours without stopping.

I must say, I am in awe of her. Our sex is the most fun I have ever had in my life and she is a wonderful friend, as well. I love lighting her fuses and being in the presence of her beautiful explosions. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Saint Montgomery

Multi Orgasmic Post Menopausal Woman

Betty Dodson's picture
Mon, 09/06/2010 - 14:44
Betty Dodson

Thanks Saint Montgomery for you detailed description of a very unusual sex life we can all envy. I wish every 55 year old woman and 60 year old man could enjoy such sexual abundance, but alas, most of us are getting in our one, two or three O's a week and grateful at that.

 I'd love to see you two in action. How about putting on masks to be anonymous and sending me a video of two lively seniors having some first rate sex. You could be the poster couple for the sexual joys of growing older. Or, if you are ever in NYC do give me a call and let me observe. . . for the sake of sex education of course. You'd think an old sexologist like me whose been through the sexual revolution has seen it all. . . far from it. I learn something new almost every day and I'm loving it.

Dear Betty, I am another

Mon, 09/06/2010 - 16:57
mbf (not verified)

Dear Betty,

I am another 'older woman' who enjoys constant and increasingly stronger orgasms during each session. I am postmenopausal (64) and 8 years post breast cancer. It was because of the increased vaginal dryness after my body was slammed into menopause that I discovered the benefits of the Magic Wand in increasing my lubrication. It was as if my sexual clock was turned back 20 years. My husband's and my sexual enjoyment increased both in intensity and depth. Since then, orgasms both clitoral and vaginal (G spot) increased and became stronger and lasted longer. Forty to fifty orgasms per session are the norm and more than I experienced in my sexual prime.

Our sessions are not 2 to 4 hours as has been descirbed by the two men who have written on this subject but an hour to an hour and a half is not uncommon. Of course, I am completely exhausted when we are done. When I was younger, we didn't last that long.

When so many older woman loose their sexual enjoyment for whatever is one who has not.


in my experince

Sat, 09/25/2010 - 08:55
asad (not verified)

dear Betty
in my experience during 20 years of marriage life it is very difficult to find out our wife achieve real orgasm .
she had 2 or three times real orgasm as a mad lady this happen rarely and it related to condition of time atmosphere and husband activity during sex life although limited orgasm offer many times in bed and that is great gift of god to us

Oh it's REAL!!!

Wed, 08/17/2011 - 13:59
SHANNON HARTLEY (not verified)

 I am only 42, my partners have always had to be younger then me because of my not feeling satisfied feelings sometimes. I have multiples over and over, it doesn't take much by clitoris, but vaginal are my best! And yes in my 20's having 20 or so per session was pretty normal for me. As I have gotten older they are climbing and getting intensified! I have to have like 3 a day and I stay pretty clear and my body feels no pain. But when Im with my partner who is 29-I have a hard time stopping? Until they are about ready to have a cardiac arrest I have to back off.  I remember when I had my 2nd child at 26, it was so bizarre. I could be walking in the grocery store, at work where ever and have the urge come over me like a freight train!! My face would get warm, my ears would get red and yes I could have an orgasm without even trying in public. This went on for about 2 years after her birth, it has slowed down on the public thing. But I think I have gained some control over it.  I thought for years I was normal, til I spoke to so many ladies that had never even had one, let alone multiples or like me. So, I just never spoke about it to other peers, thinking I might be nuts or something. Tried talking to my mother she just laughed at me and said I was one of the lucky ones and be happy about it. Just wanted to clarify this story above is very real and we do exist!!!

for a woman it could be

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 13:42
cooldude (not verified)

for a woman it could be posible if she is having multiple orgasms. A woman's orgasm's generally last much longer than a man's orgasm "unfortunate for us men" who get 3-10 seconds, and only one. Mine usually last no way than 5 seconds, my girlfriend on the other hand can have orgasms that last for 20-30 seconds each, and she often has 6 or 7 per session, that is about 2-3 minutes of orgasm heaven for her!. I admit i get envious of her orgasms. But i look at it this way, the women are the ones that have the babies, have periods, and have to pee sitting down. So i not not going to complain, let the ladies have their fun, they deserve it for what they go through. They are entitled to more pleasure.

It's real

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 00:17
Rawratu (not verified)

This happens to me. No joke. I counted sixty in one hour. Was really tired and sore after but it was the best time. I need about 2 good ones to be satisfied to stop but can very easily pick up if the guy wants to keep at it. 

I can do this too...

Thu, 03/13/2014 - 22:48
Chrissy (not verified)

My husband would say that he hit the jackot with me.  I thought at the time that most women are like me...but I have learned not.  Especially with the comments that some of the moms tell me in my mommy group.  I have several kids, youngest is a year.  Sex actually got even better after giving birth!
Now, almost middle age I can still have 10 or more orgasms a session.  Long ago, before kids, my husband and I would spend whole afternoons, full nights having marathon sex and back then I was doing 20-30 orgasms a night.  I just don't have the time like that, though we typically do spend 2 or so hours having sex, usually a combination of things.  Yes, my kids generally sleep well!
I have speculated that it may have something to do with my anatomy or how I learned to masturbate.   I started to masturbate young, but my clit was so sensitive instead I would up doing primarily vaginal stimulation.  I actually had a plastic bodywash bottle I kept which was the perfect size, used it for years.  I orgasm easily during intercourse, and I can also orgasm during anal.  I have twice in my life orgasmed without physical contact, just the act of breathing, contracting muscles while super aroused.
I have had tons of orgasms from intercourse, but usually when masturbating I would stop after 3.  My mind tends to wander during masturbation if I use a toy, there is so much sensory input for me during sex with a man it is easy to get lost in sensation and orgasm repeatedly.  So I had never had a  mega multiorgasmic masturbation session until two nights ago.  I am still fondly looking back on it and had googled and came upon this page.
I recently purchased the magic wand, which I thought was too powerful, so I had to be so careful in how I used it.  I could still orgasm with it, and part of me was wondering what the hoopla was all about (as I had actually had better orgasms/just as good ones with my rabbit vibe). I had to be so careful how to see we it and am still trying to figure it out, it is so powerful it is almost too much.
Well, then it happened...I had a night consisting (nothing here he was gone for a few days and too quick lol)...3 orgasms with the wand (at that point a kid woke up...right when I thought I was onto something as I felt the same orgasm rhythm I had during sex ugh)...then sex again with one orgasm...then 25+ orgasms with the wand.   It was insane.  I just kept on coming over and over.  I could not believe it, I was at the same pattern that I had in the past.  I was probably with the wand for around an hour...not like I was keeping track.  It was nearly 3 am by the time I fell asleep, I stopped because I was worried about doing it too much with the vibe and then exhaustion.  I used it so indirectly that time, maybe that was the key?
Needless to say, I hope this happens again, I will be attempting something similar again! I do try to have at least one orgasm every day...I figure it is kind of like an apple a day.  I am also a very happy person!

Many orgasms in women

Sat, 12/27/2014 - 06:45
Anonymous 2 (not verified)

I know this original post is old, but I am hoping this will help you with information and others who stumble here.  I am 64. I had my first full sex experience at 18.  I had my first orgasm by accident about 2 months after beginning to have sex with my steady boyfriend (no information back then).  I have to say that he did have staying power for a young man and had an "older" (about 23) lover before me, so he knew more than most that age- 17 (We were both HS seniors).  I had the orgasm while grinding on his pubic bone during intercourse. He never minded.  There was not much reading material at the time, but I read in a Cosmopolitan magazine or something like that, that it was possible to have more than one orgasm.  I tried and did. From then on out for 5 or 6 years, I would always have at least 3 to 7 orgasms every time. There was always down time between of 2 min. to 5 min back then (but not now).  These orgasms were always during intercourse.  I had a steady lover and so did not masturbate or even know how to since I had only had orgasms during intercourse.  When I was around 23 I found myself without a boyfriend and tried to masturbate, but it did not work. I had to figure out a way to emulate intercourse with an imitation pubic bone. With some practice, I finally made it.  Over the years, the ease and number of orgasms I get has gone up.  About 2 years ago my lover and I decided to see how many I could have.  I was very aroused having not seen him for a while and had no problem having 50.  Now, I have to say that was an experiment, but I could have gone on.  They were full blown orgasms of about 15 to 20 seconds each with about 30 seconds in between.  I no longer have that "oversensitive" feeling I had when I was young. I have to say though, that if I am making love everyday, I will only have 2 or 3 and the 4th sometimes hard to get, so not worth it.  If it is twice a week, it is more  like 7, 8, 9, or 10 and I could go on, but just do not feel like it because it seems I have ad enough bliss mentally. If it has been months...I can go on as long as I want, I get so aroused.  It also seems that I get wetter and more slippery than ever.  My body also gets excited and wet just from being in the same room with my lover. I get excited very easily.  I have a theory.  I do not use vibrators and it took until I was 28 or so to learn to give myself an orgasm with my hand. I think that manual, oral and intercourse with a little grind works much better than vibrators.  I think vibrators numb the area.  Also, when a woman grinds a bit during intercourse it it the best.  The whole feeling is loving, natural, erotic, full, and wonderful.  I find that having my lover on top of me and using the missionary position the best.  I am able to put my legs around his and hold his backside to get a great little grind of my special area.  Of course we do other types of things for him.  We take turns.
So I would say that a woman who had 20 or 30 orgasms during twice a week lovemaking sessions is a lucky gal, but maybe she just had the right experiences like I did.  She also probably has a good lover who is not selfish.  If I wanted to have 20 or so making love twice a week, I could, I just choose to have 8 to 12. Now that I know I can do 50 under the right circumstances, I know I will again.  I have never ever NOT had an orgasm.  After I learned to give myself one with my hand, if I had a selfish lover, I would just do myself there next to him.  Embarrassing at first, but better that then feeling enpty. Oh..I should also say I never use lubricants.  If I am not lubricated, I am not ready. My exoerices have been with husbands or long term lovers. My men have all liked it that I could have so many.

Why is this wrong.....

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 02:14
Rhonda (not verified)

I was a virgin, until I was almost 20...1 week away...I was abused as a child....subjected to racial slurs all of my life, but I chose, not to be a victim...I love sex...I love my husband...and seriously, just the sound of his voice, can make me orgasm....I have ALWAYS, had an orgasm upon penetration...yay me...because...for the most was 90 percent me...and maybe 10 percent the men I was with...I was lucky..I think, because I loved sex and respected myself...I was able to find appreciate me...for last count..with or without my husband...I had an orgasm with over 100 contractions....vaginal contractions.....I am not a slut, or look for sex farther than my husband...and woman that have multiple orgasms....or orgasm easily...are not sluts or whores, we are healthy...and well,...male equivalent!

I wish I could enjoy when

Sat, 03/14/2015 - 12:10
snowjewel (not verified)

I wish I could enjoy when this happens to me. It's starts usually when I wake up from a dream and is so uncomfortable!  Even if I have someone visiting I will have an O! After dozens I feel like I will have a heart head abdomen burns..yet my body wants another. I only feel comfort taking narcotics to lessen my sex drive and that comes with it own set of problems but I have been like this for years. I believe it started when I had surgery induced menopause(Etopic pregnancy). I wish it would have stopped when my ovaries started working again!


Thu, 03/26/2015 - 12:17
Squid (not verified)

I came upon this forum after experiencing my first multiple orgasms experience two days ago. I was introduced to self exploration when I was five being that my father kept him porn mags in their bathroom. I would rub my parts naturally  and didn't get into real clitoral stimulation until I was thirteen. I started having sex my first year of college with a boyfriend but could not achieve orgasms with him at all. After that relationship I met my amazing husband who taught me new things about my body. I am 21 and he is 28 . He taught me how to know when squirting was going to happen which feels like your about to pee. I still don't like the process because it makes me squirm around but the aftermath is so good and wet. He also never cums until I do which is nice because sometimes all I want is for him to enjoy himself but he gets satisfaction from pleasing me. Well anyways back to the multiple orgasms I am extremely happy with just one orgasms and squirting but the other night as I was cuming it felt like it slow and incredibly intense despite my husband pounding me hard. As my first orgasms was about to finish it started up again before I finish and came again before my husband came. I cried in amazement at what just happened and my husband thought it was adorable. I am going to continue and see how far I can go this time. Ladies you are amazing!

Satisfaction when she gets hers

Tue, 07/07/2015 - 14:30
Brad and Janet (not verified)

Hi Betty!
We stumbled across you blog and had to post on the subject of multiple orgasms. Janet and I have been together now for about 6 months. Janet is 43 and I'm 36. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to get to know her. Ill get to the point of the fact that she is the most amazing woman I have ever been with!  EVER! When we were first meeting up we (I believe her orgasms take the both of us) were able to give her about 10 orgasms in an hour session. No joke a week later we were in the  20-30 range for an hour. a couple of months ago we decided to count and counted 44 in about an hour and 15 minutes! ( Most of these are achieved with her in the missionary position with my hands on her shoulders holding her into me.) Every orgasm sends Janet bucking up to my chest  and squirming out of my grip, and then vaginal contractions and shuttereing for a good 10-20 seconds. When it happens, she looses controll and goes into a trance. Some times she is so powerful that she pushes my legs out from underneath me. Evey time we meet up the orgasms just flow out of her. We have stopped counting now. I'm not bragging by any means. I find my self to be the luckiest person on earth. I have never been with a woman that is truely as sexually liberated and open as Janet. She is very intune with her body and knows how to orgasm, all though I would like to think I contribute as well! LOL!  I also find that I have more satifaction getting Janet to orgasm, over getting an orgasm myself. It has truely been the best sex she and I have ever had, and it keeps getting better every time! 
Just wanted you to know.
P.S. We think your site is amazing and informative. Keep up the good work!
Brad and Janet


Wed, 07/08/2015 - 08:57
Johnjohnjohn (not verified)

After a long, long journey full of loads of bad stuff, I now have a beautifully orgasmic partner.

I am hugely happy with her ability to orgasm, but I've never thought of either me or us "giving" her more or one orgasms.

All I ever tried to do was to create the atmosphere, the circumstance, the encouragement for HER to take/have her orgasms.

Just my 2c worth

Videos forget about the clit-stim, too

Wed, 07/08/2015 - 12:05
Lizzie Smith (not verified)

Dear Brad,
The beginning phase of a relationship is often fueled by oxytocin and excitement that make intercourse feel like it is the very best sex ever.
You and Jane seem confident that Jane is truly having orgasms in the time-periods you have been counting them.
You do not hesitate or have doubts despite the fact that you do not report having previous experience of how an authentically orgasmic woman works her way towards her climax during intercourse.
If you, Brad, are like the better part of men your age, you may only have seen videos of exaggerated female role-playing and inaccurate performances by paid and ignorant women who do their best pretending pleasure and orgasm.
Porn on the videos have all the details that you name happening in your sessions with Jane. 
The videos forget about the clitoris, put emphasis on penis-in-vagina sex and the missionary-position. Also, contracting vaginally, going into a trance, vigorous muscle-work are included.
All that gymnastics is not characteristic of a woman who is  authentically orgasmic.
If a woman wants to have an orgasm during intercourse (or by herself), she needs to concentrate in it.
Merely this first prerequisite of focusing her mind on something erotic is quite a feat and it requires her full attention. Many times the process is helped by her closing her eyes and the partner giving her a bit quiet distance, at least not touching her unpredictably, in an unforeseen way.
Then, a woman needs to have freedom to give her clitoris, manually or with a vibrator, minimum of 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted, solid stimulation with a steady pace, up until orgasm, so that she herself can modulate, vary and accomodate the stimulation suiting the needs of controlling the ascending arousal.
The partner needs to give her the unrushed time and space.
If penis-in-vagina -sex does not interrupt or distract her during the clit-stim, the partner needs to position himself so that she can continue her clit-stimulation the way she wants to. 
The atmosphere needs to be relaxed, trusting.
Any hint of performance-pressure can kill her mood and destroy her arousal.
So, J, according to your telling, is quite original and atypical in her sexual response if it happens by PIV-sex and intercourse without her stimulating her clitoris and without interruptions, up until her orgasm.
We all are unique, and that is the way things should be, too.
As your relationship is only 6 months old there is perhaps a lot of extra excitement of newness in the picture, which is great. Enjoy every minute of it.
All the best for you two. Please, keep us posted of your progress.
Yours, L.S. 

Me too!!

Wed, 12/09/2015 - 05:25
Janey Morgan (not verified)

Hi! I'm Morgan and I'm 28 years old. I am just going to start by saying that I have probably had between 40-50 orgasms tonight!!! Wow! I achieved these orgasms by first having intercourse with my "friend" (missionary position with him holding my legs up and me rubbing my clit). It might take me a minute to get there, but once I do, there is no stopping me. After orgasm, I wait 20-30 seconds and get to rubbing again. Usually within a minute I am coming again. Seriously, no joke I got the stop watch out on my phone to time how long it would take to have another orgasm after already having one... 17 seconds... I had probably 10-15 with him and then I went home to my house. There I have a magic wand, and still being very turned on from what had happened with us I got it out and I have had at least 20 more by myself. I just put the wand on my clit and like I said earlier the first one might take a few minutes to get, not usually that long with the wand, I'd say 2-3 minutes, come, wait 20-30 seconds and do it all over again. I can have many many orgasms clitorally but vaginally it is very hard for me? Anyone know why that is? Why can I come so easily with my clit but not intercourse? My "friend" is above average size and very thick so I know that is not the problem. But to answer people's questions, yes! It is very possible to have multiple, back-to-back orgasms.
Thanks for reading,

not so much - O's lacklusster if do.

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 10:17
mikeychuck (not verified)

Married 32 years in our 50s. She has em but says they are not very good. Short, not that intense.
What hapopend to us. WE are active partners , Like sex, have toys. She
not done the 40- 50 O's like all the other women in this post. I don't
understand this variance between Women. What are all the critical
factors?  health , diet, no drugs, etc etc A good patient man with slow
hands etc.
What to do. She says she is satisfied and i am a good
lover. I always wonder if i could do better for her. I am sensitive to
her needs  and she always cums first and second but its late in life in
my perseption, never been here before and sex is changing for the dull
and routine i fear and i am klossing gher in lack of interest cuae it
aint that great to her i fear. She dose not masterbate at all, has but
isn't inot it at all.  Where are we ????

Feel for you.

Wed, 04/13/2016 - 01:34
Ricky (not verified)

Our pattern to get 40+ orgasms:

1. Lingerie
2. Her on top, tingly lube on her pussy, and then magic wand at the same time as penetration
2. She goes until she comes
3. Pause 20 sec
4. Turn her over and enter her sideways, almost doggy style
5. Magic wand and penetration, also a second wand on her nipple or nipples if she can get both on the other wand.
6. Orgasms 3-40+ are mostly all doggy style at different angles and ass grabbing nipple stimulating and dirty talk.

Newer "talent" for me

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 05:23
Anonymous Ginger (not verified)

I was married for 15 years, together for over 18. Sex wasn't any sort of a priority & we went more than a year without, more than once.

I started having very heavy cycles and pain around the same time I got divorced (not related). I ended up having a hysterectomy that resulted in my uterus & cervix being removed. I didn't realize until after the surgery that most of my orgasms were from cervical stimulation.

For almost a year after my surgery I was unable to climax. I could almost get there, just never quite over the top. It was extremely frustrating since my sex drive was through the roof! One day it finally happened, then again, and again, and again. When I am with a partner I can generally keep climaxing as long as he is willing to provide the stimulation. Alone, I can achieve a different orgasm that I e never experienced with a partner, but makes me feel like my head about exploded. I don't know what I do to get there because I can't always make it happen. In addition to becoming the Energizer Bunny of orgasms, I now have the ability to ejaculate (and boy do I!!).

I've been accused of faking all of it, of peeing on someone, and. Sing fixated on reaching a specific number of orgasms. All are false assumptions, I'm simply not your average woman & Ive learned to warn any new partner in advance. If a man can't handle hearing what I'm capable of them he isn't worth my time.

*im currently 42 and had my hysterectomy 4 years ago.

my girlfriend is multiorgasmic

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 01:09
Lovin' her orgasms (not verified)

I'm 53 and she is 55. I'm 6'1 250 and she is 5' and 120. she warned me that she was multiorgasmic. She was not kidding! She does not care for oral but loves manual stimulation. She has an enlarged G spot that can really drive her crazy. Her orgasms come one st a time and then are non stop. We have made love for as long as 10 hours and I could not count her orgasms. While in orgasm she becomes very ridgid, she screams (but buries her face in the mattress or grabs the sheets and stuffs her face in them) and always begs for me to pound her even harder! Most times if I have my fingers busy on her G spot and she comes the vaginal contractions are so strong I cannot remove my fingers! OH, and she comes just from penetration too. She has a series of enlarged nerve ending in the vaginal entrance that contribute to this. So with the enlarged G spot and those wonderful nerve ending she is in bliss when we are lucky enough to get together. Our lovemaking session run from 2 hours to the afformentioned 10 hours. I taught her some positions she had never tried and am the first (her pelvis has a strange tilt that makes on the bed doggie a no go for her, I stand next to the bed) to successfully penetrate her doggie style (her favorite now). I love this little woman and her many orgasms!

I am magical! Found out when

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 04:30
Sharon R (not verified)

I am magical! Found out when me and my lover got together about 6 years ago at 38! I think it's between us ! Magic, sparks, totally comfortable and give ourselves to each other! We joke about me being a fountain and our fucking weekend's we go from Friday to Monday morning with just enough food for strength and survival. Way to many to count , seems continuous at times from all different types of o's. I wish that every woman and man could find this because if you don't like sex u would and WOW how much happier would the world be -no sex starved pitchy husbands and wives - no divorce - cause your not losing that and it only happens for the right two people that fit together - maybe I'm wrong - I could give step by step intructions and a video and I might enjoy but this just wouldn't happen