I Have No Inner Labia - Is That Normal?

Wed, 08/11/2010 - 18:08
Submitted by Betty Dodson

After viewing your drawings of labias and seeing many pictures, I noticed that I do not have very much of an inner labia at all. I cannot see anything even resembling an inner labia when I check myself out. Is this healthy and normal?

Dear K,

Yes, I have a girlfriend who has no inner labia at all. She never posed for me unfortunately. Since most women are so concerned by any of their inner lips extending beyond the outer lips, I never did draw a vulva with none. Actually she had a slightlly raised ridge where they would have been. Please send me a photo of your vulva and I will draw it to add to my collection. You are absolutely healthy and normal. Just a little bit unusual. Thanks for checking in with me.

Dr. Betty

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I also have no inner labia

Sat, 08/15/2015 - 11:05

I also have no inner labia and my clitoris is barely covered. I have never really mastrubated much until a year ago. I found out about the Hitachi wand through this site and it has helped  some.

Just putting it out there


You remind me...

Mon, 08/17/2015 - 04:47
johnjohnjohnjohn (not verified)

When I was helping my girl through her body-image issues, I found that I was saying "a bit unusual but totally normal" from time to time...