Could My Repeat Vaginal Infections be From Lube or Semen?

Thu, 05/06/2010 - 16:05
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I am a 16 year old female who gets bacterial vaginosis infections repetitively. I never had any such infection prior to beginning to masturbate [thanks to you!] and beginning to have sex with my most recent boyfriend. I have never had these problems with previous sexual partners. My boyfriend and I have decided to avoid intercourse and be sexual in other ways until we can clear up the cause of it.

Is there any chance that my lubricant or my boyfriend's semen could be causing these infections? Could masturbation play a part? We have been experimenting with anal play recently, but have been extremely careful to avoid transfer of fluids. On a different note, thank you, Dr. Betty, for helping me achieve my first orgasm! Masturbation has allowed for me to be more sexually independent and in a better overall mood most of the time.

Dear S,

Repeatedly getting BV is no fun. It's a problem you need to solve. I seriously doubt this is caused by masturbation unless you are doing penetration with a dildo that is not a quality silicon rubber. Some women are allergic to latex. The Almond Oil? Thus far I've had only one woman who claimed she had an allergic reaction to it. Definitely suspicious would be anal sex. I too went through a phase of constant UTI's when I first did anal sex on a regular basis. What birth control method are you using? If you're on the pill it could be your body reacting to your boyfriends semen. This eventually will subside once your body adjusts.

The other possible problem is that you could be giving it to each other so your boyfriend must also be tested. One solution I found for my urinary tract infections was D-Mannose, a powder that gets mixed with water that clears out the urinary tract. If you must take an anti-biotic make sure to balance it by consuming yogurt or acidophiles liquid or caps. Let me know how you solve this problem.

Dr. Betty

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I was prone to lots of

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Thu, 05/06/2010 - 21:50

I was prone to lots of vaginal and yeast affections as a teen and college student addition to the good advice given above, another simple practical solution is to wear cotton panties...cotton absorbs moisture and aerates your vagina...nowadays they can be just as sexy as the nylon, polyester and spandex types...

don't go commando as you still have to contend with the same synthetic materials and the stronger dyes pants and skirts contain...


Thu, 05/06/2010 - 23:37
Heidi Miller (not verified)

I know it has not been proven but I have been told that Glycerin can irritate and bring on or feed a yeast infection. I also have seen first hand with my 8 year old daughter products containing glycerin give her chemical UTI's.

When kids get repeated UTI's it is routine for the Doc's to check weather it's chemical or bacterial (stool). The first UTI was at age 1 from stool. I now know why we ladies wipe Front to Back. Then she got 4 in one year at age 6. Each one was Chemical. So we stopped bubble baths, then no lotions creams or powder. Finally, when she got one 2 years ago my company was talking about lubes and they were saying Glycerin was not good for women. I went though all of our body washes and sure enough everything had Glycerin in it. We only use Ivory Bar Soap (Sometimes I Microwave it to make it a fun for her 1:30 on high). She has not had a UTI in about 3 years.

So check all your body washes, creams, lotions and powders. I know if I use powder I will get a UTI in 24 hours. Check your boy friends as well. It could be a lotion hes using. Also, condoms that contain spermicide could cause this.

Vitamin D deficiency and an unhappy vagina

Fri, 05/07/2010 - 10:48
Palesa (not verified)

Hello S,

Please check out these links.

Link to BV and Vitamin D Deficiency Article

Vitamin D Podcast

Vitamin D Councils Website


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Re: Glycerin

Fri, 05/07/2010 - 19:46
carlisleorama (not verified)

I was having issues with reoccuring BV when my partner and I decided to open our relationship and take on new sexual partners. At first I thought it was my body adjusting to the new partners, but when I just couldn't get rid of the issue I had my primary partner (the only man I did not use condoms with) go to Planned Parenthood to be tested to see if we could be transmitting it back and forth. To our surprise the doctor told him that it has now been proven that bacterial vaginosis can not be transferred to male partners. Good news! Except for I still didn't know what the problem was...

I was able to finally clear the infections for good by using an over the counter, natural vaginal suppository with boric acid in it. After that someone mentioned to me that lubes with glycerin could be causing the problem. Since I've always been very sensitive, I immediately switched not only the lube I was using but also the soap I use to non-glycerin products. I have not had any issues whatsoever since I switched, and in fact, my female parts have never felt better! I would recommend to anyone having issues with BV, yeast infections, UTI's, anything like that, too try using products without glycerin.