How Can I Stop Squirting?

Fri, 02/26/2010 - 20:55
Submitted by Betty Dodson

First, I'd like to thank you ladies for your video's. THANK YOU! I think you're wonderful. Secondly, I was hoping you might have some advice for me. I'm in my early 30's and have been masturbated since I was a young child. I first experienced "squirting" in my teens and intermittently through out my late 20's. However, much to my dismay the frequency of squirting has increased over the past five years. I urinate before I engage in any sexual activity hoping this will dissuade the "squirting".
This doesn't seem to help. These days I masturbate much more with clitoral vibrators which I love, love, love! I can achieve multiples with vibrators but after the first two successive orgasm's I tend "squirt". This can be really messy. I really dislike squirting. I'm not pleased and I don't want rubber sheets or a trail of towels all over the place. I sometimes avoid engaging in any form of sexual activity because of this. As you might imagine this is frustrating because I love sex. Please tell me if you know of any exercises or any remedy's that may help control my squirting. I have no children, and am in good shape, I don't think i have a week bladder except when this happens.
Help, I'm a bed wetting Virgo,
Dear J,
At first so many women wanted to learn how to squirt, and now, nearly as many want to stop because they hate the mess. Thankfully neither Carlin nor I are squirters! As a double Virgo, it would drive me nuts to have to go through all the towels, rubber sheets and baby pads routine every time I wanted an orgasm.
The best information I have on how to stop squirting is to avoid fast friction inside the vagina and focus more on clitoral stimulation. Even women who enjoy penetration along with clitoral stimulation say slow in and out movements feel best. If you are using a dildo just squeeze and release your PC muscle on it, and avoid the fast in and out action. Also don't angle a dildo up towards the ceiling of your vagina. On the other side is the urinary tract. Men and lesbians who use their fingers with a rapid friction are aiming for that area mis-named a "spot."
Remember, the G-spot authors claimed that only a teaspoon full liquid can be considered female ejaculation. My recent theory is that the gushing we see in porn involves fresh urine which has little odor and color. Also notice how you use your PC muscle just before you come. If you are bearing down which can naturally happen with very strong vaginal sensations, reverse it. Learn to lift the muscle and release it. Squeeze and release. Be sure to let us know if you find something that works so I can share the information with other women who want to have non-squirting orgasms on clean dry sheets.
Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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THANK YOU for this post. I

Wed, 05/12/2010 - 22:25
Girl With A LOT of Laundry (not verified)

THANK YOU for this post.

I definitely think that my, uh, "gushing" involves fresh urine...particularly because if I've had a lot of coffee to drink it smells like, well coffee. No amount of peeing before sex seems to fend it off, though. I definitely "bear down," as this is what my partner seems to enjoy. However, he knows that I'm fed up with the rubber sheets routine and we can try lifting rather than bearing down. I seem to be able to do both.

I appreciate reading this because I felt like I was being many of my friends want to ejaculate and can't...and I'm having rather the opposite problem!

Ms. D, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you are one of my very favorite role models! Thanks!


Sat, 06/19/2010 - 01:45
couger (not verified)

hi i am 42 years old and i only had sex with one man befor in my whole life and when we had sex i never squirted i havent been with him for 13 years now yes thats 13 years with out sex or masturbateing i dont like to masturbate its not the same to me but anyways i just started to have sex again and the 3rd man i was with mead me squirt i did not know what happen i was embarrass and now every time i have sex it happens could it be that i havent had sex for so long that its happening ?or that i got older and my body change? or the man i was with just never hit that spot befor and please tell me if theres a way to stop it from happening yes i did read the other post but i dont think thy aply to me ? thanks couger

New Info about PC Muscles

Betty Dodson's picture
Sat, 06/19/2010 - 10:05
Betty Dodson

 I'll soon be posting a new essay with this information. Meanwhile to better understand how to exercise the Pelvic Floor muscles, click on this website:

If this approach can keep a child from bed wetting, it just might work for women who want to STOP squirting when they have sex with a partner. Let's explore this together.

The best thing for the mess...

Thu, 07/29/2010 - 10:27

I'm a man that have always been turned on by female ejaculation. In fact I wrote an ebook on it and have learned how to make any women ejaculate, I also have taught an ex-girlfriend how to do it.

Whether or not it is urine or possibly mixed with it is debatable. Urine how ever is sterile so it not a problem either way.

The problem is that it can make a huge mess. I used to put a sleeping bag on my bed to soak it up. But then I was given a Liberator Throe (at a trade show to evaluate) that is simply amazing it soaks it all up, never leaks through and then I just throw it in the wash. It makes it super easy and you have all of the fun without the hassle. Here is the url it was long so I shorted it.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much!

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 20:09
Jackie (not verified)

I had this problem this morning and freaked out! I'm glad there's a way to avoid it, it is so embarrassing when you live with someone besides yourself.


Wed, 03/27/2013 - 23:53
sweetgypsyme (not verified)

Ugh! Just started having this happen to me in June of last year. I'm 35, been sexually active since I was 19 and never ever had this happen. Tonight it happened three times. What a mess! My poor fella. He laughed, but still had to wash his sheets and when I left I didn't have the heart to tell him that his mattress pad was wet. The fast friction feels good as does the upper wall angle, so it looks as if there may be sadly no hope for me except for an investment in towels. Arg. And Boo.

I am a squirter and it is horrible. How I can stop squirting?

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 12:18
ANNE 2 (not verified)

I am 28 years old. I have not orgarms but when I masturbate and I am very excited I squirt a lot. It is a very horrible experience, when it happens I lost the emotion. I feel very freak and not satisfied. 

Help me! 

I squirted everytime I masturbate and always failed to orgasm

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 17:51
Natnatnat (not verified)

Please help. I'm 23 and not sexually active at the moment. Everytime I masturbate I feel the pressure like I was about to orgasm but everytime I almost got it, I squirted-- then I failed to have the orgasm I wanted because I was too busy trying to wipe (I hate wet bed). Help me, haven't orgasm in a long time because of this.

Too much!

Wed, 06/07/2017 - 18:15
Silverlining (not verified)

I understand I should enjoy it as most of you say. I squirt non-stop and you just don't understand how embarrassing it can be. It makes a huge mess, sheets, mattress, floors! But mainly it causes less friction between me and my guy! It's already hard enough to get him to get off, once I squirt over and over, there's a puddle all over his stomach, it slips out easier and more constant, which that throws things off when he's trying to get there. I just want to be able to control it a bit. With me, it's instant, especially when I'm on top and it's always a huge puddle underneath him. When he picks me up, it runs down our legs. It honestly is embarrassing no matter how much he tells me he loves it. It causes problems with him getting off and that takes a serious bite to my ego. I want him to be able to get off too! However, with all the wetness it causes problems.