Do Large Labia Run in Families?

Thu, 01/28/2010 - 15:15
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Is the size/ shape of a woman's labia genetically linked? i.e. If a woman has large Labia does that mean her mom/ sister's are likely to have the same? Do things like sexual intercoarse, masturbation, Child berth contribute to "Large" labia?

Dear J,

Good question.

I actually had the rare opportunity to view my mother's vulva after I'd published my first book Liberating Masturbation with the 15 pen & ink pussy portraits. Mother wanted to know if I'd look at her "down there" because she thought there might be something the doctor did wrong after her last baby. I thought she was referring to a possible episiotomy where they cut the bottom of the vaginal opening to make more room for the baby. (A clean cut is easier to repair than a tear).

We looked into the same mirror together and to my surprise, her inner labia were small and symmetrical unlike my long uneven dangling labia. I had assumed we would be similar. Nope! Not so. When I commented on it she admitted she was often concerned about the form of my labia wondering if it was "normal." I assured her I was average. More than half of the thousands of women's genitals I have viewed in workshops and private sessions over the years have extended inner lips. It has nothing to do with genetics, intercourse, masturbation or childbirth as far as I know.

Unfortunately porn has created an ideal vulva fashion for Ken Dolls who want a prepubescent Barbie Doll instead of a fully orgasmic woman with some meat!

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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large labia run in my family

Fri, 01/29/2010 - 12:20
Anonymous (not verified)

After breast cancer and a bilateral mastectomy, I had reconstruction. As part of my nipple reconstruction, I asked my surgeon to use my (very) long labia to build my new nipples. The skin is perfect in color & texture, and I had a lot of it - why not move it to a place I needed it? When talking with both my sisters about this - they said they too had long labia. That's 3 of us in 1 family.

Ditto The NO

Thu, 04/01/2010 - 10:32
Pete M (not verified)

In my humble experience there is no direct genetic correlation in genital design between mother and daughter, sister and sister, cousin and cousin, niece and aunt. There may well be a throw back to grand mothers though!

My Wife has wonderful large protruding inner labia and a thick foreskin. Her sister is more the closed design. Our two daughters are both beautifully "Closed" even after having children. My wife's 2 cousins are also "Closed" designs.

What have others discovered?

Forever Blown Away

Events contributing to large labia

Thu, 04/01/2010 - 10:51
Pete M (not verified)

It was a common lie in my early twenties that masturbation caused large protruding inner labia. Well I had two girlfriends that refute this.

S had a "Closed" design (Outer labia close up to from a "Slit" or "Vertical Smile") with tiny slender inner labia and a very short clitoral foreskin so her glans was partly exposed. She had been masturbating since the age of 10 and had no protrusions some 15 years later when we met.

C had a "Labial" design (Inner labia protrude) with a long thick prepuce that was flared at the end and completely covered the glans of her clitoris, and her inner labia projected 2 cm when unaroused and 3 cm when aroused. She did not masturbate as she was brought up to believe it was "sinful" and she would go to hell.

Just to add confusion, some tribes in Africa develop their labia minora from a young age by stretching them. The Hottentot Apron is what I think it is called.

From my experience childbirth can also stretch the labial and prepucial tissue significantly in some women but not noticeably in others. My wife had some of the tip of her foreskin removed having the first baby, so the glans of her clitoris was exposed for the very first time. She crowned for about 45 minutes with the third baby and that stretched her foreskin so that it can now completely cover the glans. The vagina and uterus are very powerful muscles! This might only be a one off experience, the exception rather than the norm.

Also seen where a woman with her foreskin covered the glans of her clitoris before birth, but after wards it was like her foreskin was permanently semi-retracted as her glans was visible.

I'm told it is all down to skin tone as to whether you will get stretched, tear or remain intact during birth.

Please can others share their experiences?

Forever Blown Away

I only have my mother to

Sun, 08/12/2012 - 10:18
Ellinor (not verified)

I only have my mother to "compare" with, and since we're quite open in my family I've seen her bits in the sauna etc, and they look very similar to mine, perhaps a tiny bit darker. We've also discussed our functions, and we both enjoy the same things and dislike the same things being done to our parts in the bedroom! We're both able to orgasm easily from vaginal penetration, but not from clit stimulation. And that's, as I've understood it, quite unusual!
So, my guess would be that it's genetic!

Nice guess but not true in my case.

Betty Dodson's picture
Sun, 08/12/2012 - 15:03
Betty Dodson

When I had the opportunity to view my mothers vulva, hers was quite opposite of mine. her innerlips were small while mine are long. She too could have vaginal orgasms in her youth, but as she aged, oral sex with my Dad filled in. She was monogamous and let me know my father had "marvelous control" which made me feel proud.

True from my experience.

Wed, 02/03/2016 - 07:39
Tristen (not verified)

I had the opportunity to see a womans vagina and her mothers vagina. Obviously not at the same time lol. But they had strikingly similar vaginas. One was just the older identical version of the daughter. So there may be some truth to this. Or maybe it just depends on how much of the mothers genes the daughter gets. But you can at least score 1 for yes. 


Thu, 08/04/2016 - 11:23
DJRedlance (not verified)

[= 12.8px]First of all, this is not scientific but just my own observation personally and via conversations the opportunity in years past to have viewed full blooded sisters and thier mother. I was 16 when I list my V to Donna, a 15 yo little minx with more experience than years. She was built with very standard parts - smooth outer with very slight inner labia protrusion, perhaps 1/2 inch tops. Standard clitorsl hood, well shielded. 3 years later I hooked up with her older sister who, at the time of our encounter was 23. Despite the fact that she had 1 vaginally child delivery there was virtually no difference in coloration, shape, and appearance between her and her younger sister. Despite no physical difference outwards the sister was very loose (my buddy made same claim years before she gave birth) so appearance does not indicate skill or ability. The mother had once tried to seduce me front on and she appeared to have the same vaginal build as her 2 daughters. No, I refused to be seduced by Mrs Robinson, only because I was dating her Daughter at the time.  More recently, last week, I listened to my GF discuss physical vaginally traits and turn on and they seemed, to thier own surprise, to have the same turn on and traits.[/]