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Why I Write Erotica

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 09:17
Submitted by Lisa Cach

For the past fifteen years I've been a Romance author, writing in every sub-genre from a Paranormal Young Adult to Contemporary Comedy. I've gradually become frustrated with the limits of traditional Romance, however: there have been too many times that a scene I thought was sexy had to be heavily edited for fear that for someone, somewhere, it would be over the line.

A finger up the butt? No, no, no! Too perverse for the gentle reader. Most disheartening of all was when what I thought was a funny scene about split-crotch panties and pubic hair was removed because, "pubic hair is an 'ick' factor." Really? But I loved that scene; it was hysterical.

I still mourn the loss of that scene.